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Steel Structure Design and Detailing

Expert Solutions for Robust Construction

Need a 3D model for your steel structure design? Our skilled technicians are all equipped to create the finest and most comprehensive set of sketches for steelwork fabrication.

Challenges Of Planning Metal Structure Details

Risks involved in the structure steel buildings were the issues posed in front of us, but we passed them as non-problematic matters because we couldn’t see them in detail. It makes the standards go low and cost high. Moreover, working on these problems can take a lot of your time. This is where you can detail the process by using design and detailing services. 

It is the process of creating detailed blueprints, drawings, 3D models, anchor plans, erection drawings, and fabrication details. Remember that you cannot just hire the labor and get started on the work. You need a plan for the steel structure design on paper, identify the risks involved, and find the solutions to work best on the steel structures. It covers all the aspects, from shop drawings to the connection detailing. If you want the results to be perfect, you need perfectly articulated details, too. So, get the Yarmoukk Steel onboard, and let’s work for the best plans. 

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Types of Steel Structure Detailing

Gone are the days when traditional blueprints were used for basic building structures. Today, we have 3D modeling applications. They are effective in creating designs and details for impressive and state-of-the-art buildings for the industrial market. This realistic visualization has its own value as it delivers a 3D view explaining the notion of thickness, depth, and volume. It helps contractors to improve the accuracy of construction. Steel detailers build the framework on screen in 3D before construction begins. Any part of the model can be changed without having to start over in the event of an error. The main technical documents of Steel Structure Design are:

Erection Drawings

Erection drawings are necessary for structural steel details. They involve dimensional and geographical planning, as well as the placing of structural steel components. It aids with the installation of steel components as well as the necessary external work on them.

Shop Drawings

Shop drawings include additional detailing of the steel components. It entails depicting columns, joints, and steel beams while taking into account the components' material requirements, size, and dimensions. Structural detailing steel shop drawings assist in the assembly of steel components.

Process We Follow

We work with attention to detail because, after all, it is about the Structure Detailing. As one of the best companies in steel fabrication in the UAE, our team is highly qualified and experienced. We offer your consistency and efficiency – making each project our own. The team is provided with cutting-edge technology to show their impressive designs in detail. 

So far, we have produced many industrial buildings, such as hospitals and schools. It saves both time and money – making you rely on reliable services for your projects. 

  • Preparation of Detailed Drawings/ Shop Drawings
  • Preparation of Erection Drawings
  • Material Data Reports
  • 3D Modelling
  • Connection Design
  • Fabrication shop drawings

Benefits of Steel Structure Design and Detailing Services

Accuracy in construction designs is no longer a detailed or boring work. In fact, steel structure design and detailing services have made it quite beneficial.


Steel detailing ensures that shop drawings are correct, mistakes are minimized, and steel components fit perfectly.

Cost and Time Savings

Detailed planning saves rework, material waste, and delays, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

Structural Integrity

Steel detailing comprises connection design, which ensures good and strong connections for a more secure structure.


Steel detailing promotes excellent communication and collaboration among stakeholders, resulting in more efficient project execution.

Visual Clarity

Throughout the construction process, 3D modeling facilitates comprehension and helps with well-informed decision-making by offering a clear visual depiction.

Stand Out with Your Concepts while Having Details in Your Hand

Our well-trained team of technical designers and 3D artists offers custom designs on demand. They incorporate structural design software such as STAADPRO and custom spreadsheets for connections and TEKLA structures. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve deliverables, work processes, automation, and procedures to improve engineering and fabrication drawing output with the newest 3D model technology.

Converting the Concept of Steel Structure into a Visual Steel Structure Detailing Document

We offer a comprehensive range of technical and design services for all types of structures, including conceptual design, connection design, and erection engineering, by highly skilled and experienced design engineers and detailers who use cutting-edge design and detailing software. 

We also offer the design service experience needed for complicated, creative constructions and geometrical shapes produced with a wide range of parts.

Tailored Steel Structure Design Services for Each Project

Get in touch with the best steel structure company in UAE and never be disappointed by your structure designs again. Achieve accuracy with every step you cover. Reach out to get your structure visuals.


Most Popular Questions

What is structural steel detailing?

Structural steel detailing entails developing accurate and comprehensive drawings for steel fabricators and erectors.

These drawings serve as a blueprint for the production and installation of steel components such as columns, beams, trusses, and girders, as well as other steel elements like stairs and handrails.

What are the duties of steel detailing?

A steel detailer is someone who creates detailed drawings for steel fabricators and erectors. The detailer creates comprehensive designs, drawings, and other papers for the fabrication and installation of steel members (columns, beams, braces, trusses, staircases, handrails, joists, metal decking, and so on).

Which method is used for steel design?

There are currently three conventional methods for designing steel structures: simple, continuous, and semi-continuous. To output exact calculation values, joints in constructions were presumed to be either pinned or stiff.