With over 40 years in the field and having worked on hundreds of projects, we are one of the top contractors for metal fabrication and steel building construction in the UAE.



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One of the Best Steel Engineering Companies in UAE - More Than Just a Factory to Build a Legacy

About Us

Buildings are getting more complex each day. The competition is high, and in the times when you need to be efficient, Yarmouk Steel comes in. Yarmouk Steel was established in 1982 in Ajman, UAE. To make it one of the best Steel Engineering Companies in UAE, our team has been working around the clock to meet the ends. The founder was optimistic about the future when establishing the most reliable steel structure company in UAE. 

We at Yarmouk Steel understand the complexities of buildings and are equipped with the latest tools to satisfy builders with the finest quality. To meet the demand for engineering services in steel construction, a company staffed by professionals was formed. In 1995, the business established a subsidiary company in Dubai, Al Yarmouk Metal Construction LLC.

From Steel Structure Design to Installation

Partner with Us for a process handled by professionals.

When a building is developed, a rigorous mining procedure must be carried out regularly. Safety and effectiveness are critical. Thus, you need a strategic partner. Yarmouk Steel can supply manufacturing and value-added solutions to a variety of sectors and is widely considered the best and most dependable fabrication firm in Dubai.  

We established this profound company to offer the latest designs and supply state-of-the-art fabricated structural steel. By leveraging modern tools and technology advancements, we can make sure the accuracy of our engineering staff’s output in addition to the expertise and experience of our current employees. Our company has all of the necessary machinery and equipment to produce PEB steel structures and hot-rolled steel structures in the shortest amount of time. 

In addition, our highly qualified site installation team and cutting-edge accessibility equipment enable us to plan and accomplish structure erection and installation in the most effective manner possible.

Yarmouk Steel specializes in peb steel structures and steel structure design, offering comprehensive solutions and equipment to builders. Our qualified and experienced employees collaborate closely with clients to create tailored value-added solutions, making us unique in the region and making us proud to be the best oil and gas equipment fabricator in Dubai. 

We are regarded as one of the professional Steel Engineering Companies in UAE due to our extensive experience in manufacturing heavy industrial equipment. Our safety inspectors are competent enough to oversee the fabrication process. We are professionals who provide dependable engineers with high-quality fabrication equipment that suits your needs.

We’re Committed to Helping Clients

Our Mission

We embark on the journey of revolutionizing the construction industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology, collaborating with our clients, and fostering a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to exceeding expectations. We aim to provide our clients with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of every project.

Our Vision

To become the dominant force in the UAE's metal fabrication Dubai business, known for our unrelenting dedication to superior quality, innovative techniques, and a desire to exceed customer expectations. We see a future in which constructions are synonymous with strength, speed, and sustainability, and we want to be at the forefront of that transformation.

Our Values

We strive for the best quality in all aspects of our work, from initial design to final installation. Our team also believes that solid alliances lead to successful projects. Our engineers collaborate closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide tailored solutions.

Innovative Solutions Delivery

All of our projects are built according to the technical parameters specified by our clients. As one of the popular Steel Engineering Companies in UAE, We've handled a number of challenging processes by working proactively with our client. Our understanding of the specific needs helps you build your dream projects. In short, our organization thrives under such obstacles, and we consistently provide unique solutions to our consumers.

Covering All the Aspects of the Steel Structures

We have extensive expertise working as steel structure contractors and primary building contractors on a wide range of projects, large and small. From commercial buildings to industrial warehouses, we’ve seen it all. The key to our success is that we design, manufacture, and assemble all of our buildings’ components, from the steel structure to the roof and cladding to the windows and doors.

We value honesty and integrity. If you have plans to develop a new steel structure, please contact us first to discuss how we might collaborate.

Need the Expertise to Build an Inspiring Structure?

As an expert steel engineering company in UAE, we offer 40+ years of experience in the industry. Our portfolio of completed projects speaks for us, and we ensure that your project is in reliable hands.