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Steel Structures Installation

Our structures erection and installation is handled by highly specialized team of installers, tighteners, mobile crane and man-lift operators, to access and lift structures to high elevations. Once placed in correct position, structures are then fixed in position via tightening bolts.

Steel Structures Installation at Site

When it comes to preparing and delivering the components for steel erection, there are a lot of moving parts that need to all align for the process to run smoothly. We analyze and plan each stage to ensure that the erection process is ideal for project requirements. If a step is missed or not completed to the highest standard, this can cause delays to the projects timeline and can potentially be much more costly than once thought.

  • It is extremely important to establish the foundations and confirm if they are suitable and safe for erection to commence.
  • Using cranes or jacking, lifting and placing components into position is essential. Additionally, to secure the components in place, bolted connections are made but may not be fully tightened. Similarly, bracings may not be fully secured.
  • Aligning the structure is crucial, mainly by checking that column bases are lined and leveled and columns are plumb. To allow column plumb to be adjusted, packing in beam-to-column connections may need to be changed.
  • Last but not the least, bolting-up is required, which means completing all the bolted connections to secure and fix structures in place.

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Steel fabrication and erecting steel structures are a lengthy process and require immense skills, knowledge, and practice. It's a feat of complete structural steel engineering. Site safety is our number one priority and we use the best steel erection tools and equipments to ensure that the whole process is done with accuracy and perfection.

The most professional company going through the design and detailing process by far we have dealt with. We would highly recommend them to anyone for any steel building project. The quality of work was beyond our expectations every step of the way, including the workmanship and cleanliness of their fabrication teams. The fact they still contact us almost a year after the project has been completed proves their quality control is truly impressive!

Imad Ramzi General Manager, Falcon Contracting LLC