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Hot Roll Steel Fabrication

Our steel fabrication involves grinding, welding, cutting, bending, drilling and punching and other crafting methods using various machine tools and CNC equipment. The entire steel fabrication process is systematic and requires utmost planning, precision, and knowledge.

Hot Roll Steel Fabrication

With our highly experienced team of steel detailers, cutters, welders, grinders, surface preparation and paint professionals, we are well aware of all the crucial steps and measures that need to be taken care of in the fabrication process. We usually fabricate structural steel to create structures like beams, trusses, hollow sections, angles and plates for various types of steel building projects.

  • All steel members accurately fabricated before assembly
  • All components of these members are fitted-up temporarily with rivets, bolts, or small amounts of welds
  • Various fastening methods employed to deliver different types of finishes
  • Finishing generally performed by grinding and sand blasting

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Our fabrication methodologies depend on the type of project. Commercial structures differ from residential structures, while residential structures are totally different from industrial structures. Every project requires unique structures varying in sizes, dimensions, and designs. Each structure has to be specifically designed and fabricated before constructing and assembling them together. For any joint to be site welded, the members will have to be held securely in position such that the setup for welding is accurate and rigid.

The most professional company going through the design and detailing process by far we have dealt with. We would highly recommend them to anyone for any steel building project. The quality of work was beyond our expectations every step of the way, including the workmanship and cleanliness of their fabrication teams. The fact they still contact us almost a year after the project has been completed proves their quality control is truly impressive!

Imad Ramzi General Manager, Falcon Contracting LLC